The World as Exposed by Tony


Lots of folks know me for my legal work, and for my role as an advocate for the nation’s respiratory care practitioners.  But few know that in addition to my legal role, I also have a long history in photography and fascination with creating great images.

I got started in photography in 1971, when I was a Sophomore at Wagner High School in the Philippines.  Dependents there could not work at a real job because the agreement with the Philippines held all the paying jobs for the Filipinos.  So, to earn money, I took photographs for the school newspaper, and also for the Yearbook.  Since I was already there on “official business” I took a few additional photos, developed them at the Hobby Shop using chemicals and enlargers (and right now there are people out there going “What?”) and sold them to the happy couples at the dances, or to the football and basketball players who wanted to see themselves in action.  My date in high school wasn’t blonde.  She was always my Minolta Hi-Matic 7S. You can still buy these on E-bay, I’m told. I was an entrepreneur before I could even spell the word.

When I joined the military I bought my first SLR camera, and learned how to develop and mount slides.  I continued to take black and white photos, but slides were also fun because they involved color.  In the darkroom, when I printed from negatives, I learned how to dodge and burn different areas of the photograph to bring out highlights or prevent that “blown out” look.  Now those same tools I used in the darkroom are found in the digital toolboxes available to digital photographers.  But as I left the military and started down the path of being first a health care worker, and later an attorney, I had less time, and then no time for photography.  Although I had always wanted to build a darkroom, I never did.  Now, of course, I’m glad I did not.

Although life took me through a few twists and turns, in 1997 I went back to photography, and started taking digital images.  Since that time I’ve amassed a rather interesting collection of photographs.  Many of those, the good, the bad and the ugly, can be found on Flickr.  But you’ll also find a nice collection of the best images here.

I shook with a Nikon D700 and a Nikon D300.  I have a mixture of Nikon, Tamron and Sigma lenses.  I shoot on location wherever I travel.  Check back here frequently as the albums change from time to time.

welcome to the world as seen through my eyes

The greatest gift we have under the First Amendment is the right to free expression.  We can write, speak, and create freely.  That’s why I choose to exercise my creative rights with photography.  The ability to take images and publish those images, here and elsewhere, that is a freedom worth fighting for.


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